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Official Dean UK Guitar Endorsees...
Dean Musical Instruments is proud to profile those that choose to play our instruments. Current Dean Endorsees can be found playing their Deans' at gigs all over the world and on their latest recording sessions. In this section we also feature rockers that just like playing Deans. So without further ado we present to you...
Alestorm are a Scottish Pirate Metal Band and that should tell you all you need to know what your are in for. With songs like "Set sail and Conquer" and "Keelhauled" they pull no punches and inspire audiences all over the world to raise up their Cutlasses and cry out "Yo hoho and a bottle of rum"

Originally starting out as a two-member band consisting of Gavin Harper and Christopher Bowes, Battleheart recorded an independent EP in early 2006. The band was completed with the addition of bassist Dani Evans and drummer Doug Swierczek. Battleheart played their first live show only five days after the members had met for the first time.

In early 2007 after being signed by Napalm Records, the band changed their name to Alestorm. Their debut album, Captain Morgan's Revenge, was released in early 2008. The song "Captain Morgan's Revenge" was also featured on Metal Hammer's "Battle Metal VI."

In April 2008, the single "Heavy Metal Pirates" was released. In September 2008, Bowes announced on Bloodstock's official forums that guitarist Gavin Harper had left the band. Tim Shaw was announced as Harper's replacement but, after a brief period of touring, left the band. Dani Evans switched instruments from bass to guitar, and Gareth Murdock joined as bassist.

In late February 2009, after a second European support tour, the band embarked on the Pagan Knight's tour across North America. From April to May 2009, Alestorm, Týr, Heidevolk, and Adorned Brood took part in another European tour, titled "Black Sails over Europe". A tour CD was released by Napalm Records, which contained new tracks from Alestorm's new album. Only 1,000 of these CDs were produced. Alestorm played two additional tours in 2009: Paganfest in Europe and Heathenfest in the United States. In 2010, Alestorm returned with a Paganfest tour through Europe.

They are one of today's hardest working bands and will be playing as far afield as Australia and the USA as well as a full European tour taking in the UK.

Alestorm choose the
might and power of Dean Guitars.
Dani, Brandishes forth his Razorback V

both in black and the new Razorback V Blades

Gareth prefers the low end grunt and
playability of a Dean bass

Modeled here by Dani and Gareth
are the Dean T-shirts, available in the
Dean On-line Shop
Dani Visits Dean UK HQ!!

Gareth on Paganfest USA

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