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Official Dean UK Guitar Endorsees...
Dean Musical Instruments is proud to profile those that choose to play our instruments. Current Dean Endorsees can be found playing their Deans' at gigs all over the world and on their latest recording sessions. In this section we also feature rockers that just like playing Deans. So without further ado we present to you...
Alan Wilson
Guitarist with The Sharks
Alan Wilson
Alan Wilson with his new Dean Psychobilly Cabbie
Alan Wilson is probably considered by most to be the classic 'psychobilly' guitar pioneer from UK.

Alan's guitar playing on the Psychobilly scene is legendary and well respected by psychobilly fans world wide. He was there at the very start of Psychobilly in the early 80's. He defined that early 'classic' psychobilly sound. His band The Sharks have been called 'Pioneers of Psychobilly'. Since his first Psychobilly album release in 1982.

Alan has toured UK/Europe/Japan relentlessly and has recorded many classic albums and has a large, loyal fanbase. These days he produces many other bands and has a hand in most of the good psychobilly that comes out of Europe and has produced bands from the USA.

Now, the Sharks are about to commence recording their first studio album in almost 10 years (they have recently had a few live albums released and some re-issues and a 'Best Of' compilation) but this will be their first proper studio album in many years. It's a long and eagerly awaited release.
Alan Wilson and his Dean Cabbie   Alan Wilson and his Dean Cabbie

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