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Your Dean Guitar fix

Summer hots up and Dean Guitars UK
heads out to many of the Guitar shows! here are some of the ones we are particularly
looking forward to!

Drumfest and Guitarfest with the Carmine Appice and
Dean Guitar and Carmine Clinic Tour July 10th - 14th
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Dean Guitars DOA August 8th Deptford London
Michael Angelo, Carmine, Vinnie Moore
and many others!

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  Bloodstock 09

Featuring many
great artists from Dean Guitars and Ddrum.

Arch Enemy
The Rotted

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and many others.
Guitar of the Month
Dave Mustaine
Angel of Deth

Want to know how killer this guitar is then hear it on the new Megadeth Album 'Endgame' released 14th September!

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  Artist Spotlight

WOLF was formed in 1995.
The band has had only one goal...
To make kick-ass, honest
grab-you-in-the-nuts heavy metal!
After releasing their debut album, “Wolf”
back in 2000, the band toured relentlessly!
Dean Guitars UK caught up with the
Legend that is Johannes “Axe” Axeman
for a bit of Q and A!
For the Interview click here!!!!
Come and meet Johannes Axeman at this years DOA party August 9th

Niklas "Viper" Stålvind and
Johannes "Axe" Axeman
with their Dean V Guitars!!

Johannes "Axe" Axeman With
Dean V 79 Custom

Photo by Paul Hampson

The new Wolf Album

Available Now!!!!!!
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