Dean Electric Guitars
Where to find USA made Deans in the UK Dean USA Guitars In The UK Where to find USA made Deans in the UK
Dean Custom Run
DCR #6 Cadi Floyd DCR #7 Stealth Floyd DCR #8 ML Switchblade DCR #9 RC7X Lazer
Dave Mustaine
USA Dave Mustaine Limited USA Dave Mustaine Korina USA Dave Mustaine Double Neck USA Dave Mustaine Zero XO Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth Dave Mustaine End Game Dave Mustaine Rust In Peace
Dave Mustaine Signature Dave Mustaine Floyd Dave Mustaine Fear Dave Mustaine VMNT Floyd Dave Mustaine VMNT Peace Sells Dave Mustaine VMNTX United Abominations Dave Mustaine VMNTX
Dave Mustaine Zero Dave Mustaine Zero Angel of Deth II Dave Mustaine Zero Floyd Dave Mustaine Double Neck Dave Mustaine VMNT Double Neck Diadem
Micheal Amott
USA Michael Amott Tyrant USA Michael Amott Tyrant Splatter Michael Amott Tyrant Flame Maple Michael Amott Tyrant Bloodstorm Michael Amott Tyrant X Michael Amott Tyrant X Splatter
Michael Angelo Batio
USA Batio MAB USA MAB Gloss Natural Michael Angelo Batio MAB1 Armored Flame Michael Angelo Batio MAB1 Speed of Light Michael Angelo Batio MAB2 Aviator Michael Angelo Batio MAB3 Michael Angelo Batio MAB4 Gauntlet
Michael Angelo Batio MAB7 7-String Warrior Michael Angelo Batio MAB7 Classic Black
Rusty Cooley & Leslie West
USA Rusty Cooley RC7 Xenocide USA Rusty Cooley RC7 Mahogany USA Rusty Cooley RC8 Xenocide Fanned Fret Rusty Cooley RC7E 7-String Exotic Rusty Cooley RC7X Rusty Cooley RC7X 7-String Wraith Rusty Cooley RC8X 8-String
USA Leslie West Signature Electric Leslie West Standard Leslie West Mississippi Queen
Artist Guitars
USA Tommy Bolin Tribute Teaser Tommy Bolin Z Tomikazi USA Vinnie Moore Vinman2000 Vinnie Moore Vinman USA Impellitteri Shred Spider USA Tracii Guns Nash Vegas
Tracii Guns Nash Vegas Eric Peterson Old Skull V Eric Peterson Hunter V Tom Maxwell Maxhell "The General" Bret Michaels Z
Dimebag Darrell
USA Razorback Tribute USA Rebel Razorback Dime USA Razorback Flametop Dime USA Razorback Camo Dime USA Razorback V Dime USA V Razorback Skull Dime USA ML Redwood
USA Dime ML Far Beyond Driven USA Rust From Hell USA Concrete Sledge Razorback Slime Bumblebee Razorback Explosion Razorback Explosion Lefty Razorback DB
Razorback 7 DB Razorback DB Floyd Razorback 7 Razorback Slimebolt Razorback Cemetery Razorback DB Floyd Lightning Razorback DB Floyd Biomechanical
Razorback DB Floyd Lone Star DCR Razorback Trans Blackburst DCR Dimebag Razorback Blacktooth Razorback Skulls Razorback Skulls Lefty Razorback Red/White Razorback Union Jack
Razorback Shards Razorback Two Tone Dimebag Razorback X-Ray Razorback V 255 Dean From Hell CFH Dime-O-Flame Dime-O-Flage
Dime-O-Flage Floyd Dimeblade DBD Tribute ML Dimebonics ML Black Bolt ML Black Bolt Floyd ML Dimebag Showdown ML
Camo ML Camo Floyd ML Dixie Rebel Dimebag Concrete Sledge Dimebag Wanted ML
Michael Schenker & Schenker Bothers
USA Michael Schenker Retro USA Michael Schenker USA Michael Schenker Flame V USA Michael Schenker Yin Yang USA Michael Schenker Checkmate USA Schenker Brothers V Michael Schenker Standard
Michael Schenker Retro Michael Schenker Custom Flames Michael Schenker Stangers In The Night Michael Schenker Kaleidoscope
Straight Six Series
Cadillac Straight Six Z Straight Six V Straight Six ML Straight Six
Chicago Series
USA Z Chicago Flame USA ML Chicago Flame USA V Chicago Flame Z Chicago Flame ML Chicago Flame ML Chicago Flame Lefty V Chicago Flame
ML Chicago Standard ML Chicago Standard Lefty V Chicago Standard Z Chicago Standard
Classic Series
ML X ML XF ML 79 F ML XM V X V 79 Saxon Z X
Cadillac X Cadillac 1980 Cadillac 1980 Flame Top Cadillac Select
Deceiver Series
USA Deceiver USA Deceiver Floyd USA Deceiver Mahogany Deceiver X Deceiver Deceiver F Deceiver FG
Deceiver FM Deceiver FMF Deceiver TK Deceiver Death Machine
Thoroughbred Series
USA Thoroughbred Thoroughbred Deluxe Thoroughbred Deluxe Satin Thoroughbred Maple Top Thoroughbred Stealth Thoroughbred Graphyte
Custom Series
Custom Zone Custom 350 Floyd Custom 350 Flame Maple Custom 380 Floyd Custom 450 Custom 450 Flame Maple Custom 450 Floyd Graphyte
Custom 550 Floyd Custom 550 Floyd Lefty Custom 750 7-String
Modifier Series
USA Modifier 1000 Floyd ML Modifier Floyd ML Modifier 8-String ML Modifier Graphyte
Gran Sport Series
Gran Sport Gran Sport Floyd
Vendetta Series
Vendetta XM Vendetta XMT Vendetta 1.0 Vendetta 1.0 Floyd Vendetta 1.7 7-String Vendetta Resurrection Vendetta Floyd w/EMG
Vendetta Teatro De La Muerte
Evo Series
Evo XM Evo 1000 Evo 2000 Evo Mini
Avalanche Series
Avalanche Avalanche Deluxe Avalanche Model "T"
Palamino Series
Palomino Palomino Solo Palomino Trifecta Palomino Deep Purple Palomino Flame Maple
Colt Hollow Body Series
Colt Hollow Body w/Piezo
Boca & Baby Series
Boca 12 Baby ML Baby V Baby Z

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